Hundreds of wholesale growers and hard good suppliers have depended on the Plant & Supply Locator for their advertising needs since August of 1992. The Plant & Supply Locator is a common household name for many of the Green Industry’s buyers. The Locator understands that advertising is an essential part of every successful business and it is our responsibility to provide an effective means of advertising for the Green Industry. The advertisements in the Locator have been successful and have generated millions of dollars in sales.
We are heavily involved in the Green Industry and understand the importance of an effective advertising campaign for nurseries of all sizes. We have developed many efficient methods of advertising for our partners.
We offer a wide variety of print and electronic advertising services including:
Print Advertising in the Plant & Supply Locator Monthly publication
Advertising in our Plant & Supply Locator PLUS Service
Online Advertising through the Plant & Supply Locator Website
Marketing services tailored to the Green Industry