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Testimonials from Subscribers:
"I buy plant material for our retail garden center, Plant Works. Because many wholesale nurseries do not advertise their products, it is sometimes difficult to find the plants that I'm searching for. I would strongly suggest for any wholesale grower to advertise their products in the Plant & Supply Locator so that buyers can find the plant material they are searching for."
-- Danny Perea, Plant Works
"I love using the Plant & Supply Locator because I can keep the Locator with me in my truck, at my jobsite, on my desk or in my back pocket when I'm out in the field. The Plant locator has been a huge asset to my landscape company. It is definitely a time saving tool! We have found and purchased a lot of plant material from the growers in the Plant Locator. Thank you for your monthly buyers' guide and please continue growing the magazine with new advertisers. I'll continue using the Plant Locator when buying my landscape material! Keep up the great work!"
  -- Kenneth King, King's Landscape & Irrigation

Testimonials from Advertisers:
"...we are shipping more tractor trailer loads to more areas of the country than in the history of our company. ...from Texas to the east coast and up into the Northern and Midwest markets. The results from our advertising has almost been too good!"
-- Tom Gilmore, Gilmore Plant & Blub.
"...the results speak plainly enough. Since January of 1999 we have received calls each week from somewhere in the United States, everywhere from Maryland to Louisiana. Keep up the good work!"
-- Andrew Sellers, Arborguy.
"Our advertisement in this publication has resulted in an abundance of new awareness in our tree company. I estimate that approximately 7 out of every 10 new customer contacts are generated from our ad in the Plant & Supply Locator."
-- Dan Whitehead, Moon's Tree Farm.
"...the Plant & Supply Locator was and continues to be, the most cost effective and productive advertisement that we have ever placed. In fact the Plant & Supply Locator is now our sole marketing tool in the horticultural industry. ...I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to expand his or her sales beyond their current customer base."
-- Andy Blodgett, Liners USA.